Hana Koziakova

Junior Designer

Hana graduated from Algonquin College in Spring of 2018, and worked in the sector of Furniture Specification for Business Interiors before joining Hay Design in Spring of 2020 as a Junior Interior Designer. During her time in Furniture Specification she gained a passion for Office design, but is excited to learn about all of the other sectors and find what she is good at. She is passionate about design that is Sustainable and Environmentally friendly, as she is a Hippy at heart and hopes to do her part in keeping the world healthy.
Hana hopes to complete her NCIDQ exams, LEED certification and other career-progressing exams as soon as possible, as she loves to continue learning; She hopes to get a Master’s Degree in Design down the road as well. She is passionate about anything Interior Design related, and loves to stay creative in and out of work. She is excited to join the Hay Design team, and fulfill her aspirations of becoming a certified Interior Designer.
When not working, Hana enjoys relaxing with her two rescue rabbits Lucifer and Lilith, hanging out with her family or friends, creating art in whatever medium she feels like that day, bingeing Netflix shows, or expanding her random knowledge skills wherever she can.