Erika Sega

Interior Designer

Erika is originally from Paris and studied  in Applied Arts and Space Design in France for 5 years. She has traveled across Europe, and to various countries around the world. In order to combine her taste for travel to her interest for design, she has seized the opportunity to further improve her design skills by continuing her studies in Canada and complete a DEC in Interior Design for 3 years.
She gained experiences as an interior designer during the last 4 years within various firms in Quebec and Ontario such as architecture firms, a firm specialized in custom-made furniture, and the decoration department of a construction store.
Since 2019, she moved to Ottawa to specialize  in government and commercial projects located in the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau). In 2020, she had the opportunity to join Hay Design and work on many government and commercial office fit-up projects, and refine her knowledge and her skills in interior design, project management, and communication.
It is by keeping an open eye and mind on the world, its tendencies, and its new technologies that her taste for innovation continues to increase. The field of design is a way for her to express both her creativity and produce projects adapted to people’s needs.
When she is not in the office or at a construction site, she feeds her interest for the world by learning more about the current world affairs, about other languages, and about people and their cultures around the world.
With her various experiences in the field of interior design and her interest for the world and for travelling, Erika wants to create a bridge between all  cultures trough design.