Douglas Desjardins

Senior Designer

Douglas began his design career graduating with his Bachelor of Architecture in 1988. During his studies Douglas participated in the University of Waterloo’s Co-op program where he was placed with George Bemi Architects and contributed to the Ottawa Congress Centre and Grace Hospital Expansion projects. Upon graduating, Douglas practiced as a junior Architect for four years until he realized his true passion in Interior Design.

Douglas made a seamless transition in trades, utilizing and transferring his architectural skills and detail into his interior designs, starting and solidifying a successful career spanning 25 years with Ottawa firm Disegno Interiors Limited until he joined the Hay Design team in August 2017.

Douglas joined the Hay Design team in August 2017 bringing with him an impressive and expansive portfolio of projects and repertoire of services. His attention to detail, ability to understand and anticipate the Clients requirements and vision and produce designs of the highest quality are among his greatest strengths.