Passionate about people and their spaces.

Interior design is about more than just aesthetics. It’s about finding creative design solutions for interior environments while supporting the health, safety and well-being of occupants, and enhancing their quality of life.

About Us

Founded in 2004, Hay Design features a creative team of design professionals. Our senior team members have been in the industry for 20 to 30 years and have extensive experience in residential, commercial and institutional interior design, including managing multi-disciplinary teams. The Hay team consists of three senior designers, one intermediate-level designer, one junior designer, one administrative assistant and one retail manager.

Great interior design is about much more than appearance. In fact, that is why we are so passionate about people and their spaces. We believe that every interior space needs to accomplish three key objectives:

• it must support the people who use it.
• it must support the activities that are performed there.
• it must support the image and goals of the building owner.

No matter the nature of the space—homes, office, industrial, retail, recreation, health care, restaurant and more—every interior environment needs to be functional, flexible and future-focused.

Planning for Results

We begin every project with research and study to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the requirements. This enables us to define and clarify the vision, objective and design parameters of the project.

The needs of the users are also carefully considered, which is why we focus on delivering environmentally sensitive designs that prioritize user health and comfort, indoor air and light quality, colour, and the efficient use of energy and resources. Sustainable design principles are also incorporated, using natural and environmentally appropriate products whenever feasible. We also consider other factors, including adaptability and longevity.

This enriched front-end planning includes soliciting a lot of input—from users, other employees, senior management and the project team—and infusing that input into the design.

Design for Success

Every space that we design incorporates a function-based plan to maximize productivity and make the environment healthy and comfortable for employees. We also ensure the space includes innovative architectural details and amenities, as well as a technological infrastructure that will support flexible environments.

Of course, great design must be practical and affordable, which is why we take care to respect our client’s budget and unique needs, including organizational policies and guidelines. Most importantly, every Hay Design project is guided by ongoing communications and consultation with the client, including regular briefings and pre- and post-occupancy evaluations

Hay Design

Professional Associations & Affiliations

(Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario)

LEED Canada

EDAC (Economic Developers Association of Canada

PMI (Project Management Institute)

IFMA (International Facility Management Association)

BOMA (Building Owners & Management Association)

Qualified under OBC Sentence – Registration under Section 2.17 for Hay Design Incorporated BCIN: 2737

Working for a greener future

Hay Design is a strong promoter of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) “green building” certification program.

LEED is a global program that supports efficient use of resources and environmentally responsible practices in building design and operation.

Your Space Your Way

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a design solution that is exactly what you need today, while being sufficiently innovative and adaptable to meet the changing and future needs of both users and the organization.